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πŸ’œBT21 Illuminated mobile phone lanyard

πŸ’œBT21 is a Globally Beloved Character of Millennials, including TATA, CHIMMY, COOKY, KOYA, RJ, MANG and SHOOKY

πŸ’œYou Can Hang the lanyard with Your Mobile Phone or Keys on Your Neck or Hands.
πŸ’œGreat and Cool Gifts for Your friends, families, or lovers who Are Army.

πŸ’œHigh-Quality BTS Merchandise.

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πŸ’œFast Shipping to ARMYs Worldwide.


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BTS Official Merch | BTS Merchandise
BT21 X Illuminated mobile phone lanyard
  • KOYA
  • MANG
  • RJ
  • TATA
  • VAN
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